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  1. Paddle steamer Bavaria

    The German side-wheel steamer Bavaria in the port of Lindau, Lake Constance. The saloon-steamer Bavaria (displ. 312 ts) was launched on June 21st, 1912 by J. A. Maffei, Munich and commissioned on Aug. 1st, 1912 for the Royal Bavarian Railways. Dimensions: 181¾ ft x 44¼ x 5 ft. Driven by a...
  2. Bavaria

    Bavaria at East Float, Birkenhead
  3. PS Ludwig Fessler on Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria.

    One of the "Bavarian Sea" fleet of tourist boats in southern Germany. No longer steam powered.
  4. Bavaria

    - unloading in Hamilton,ON, while being refueled by the tanker Hamilton, Energy, 4-19-05
1-4 of 4 Results