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  1. beatrice

    beatrice off passage east,sept.2009.

    Photo taken at Terneuzen (the Netherlands) on September 24, 2007
  3. Beatrice

    Beatrice (ex Svithiod and ex Routenburn) A four-masted iron barque built in 1881 by Steele from Greenock. (289'0x42'2x23'9) (2094 GRT and 1935 NRT) April 1881 launched for R. Shankland and Co., Greenock. (The Burn Line) November 27, 1905 Sold to Rederi AB Navigator (John E. Olsen) from...
  4. Beatrice

    Used to be sailing ship figureheads were lovely females as here. Today's school ships seem to prefer warriors or fierce animals. (I can at the moment only remember the figurehead of Cristian Radich among the school-ships as a female) Beatrice. A four-masted iron barque built in 1881 by Steele...
  5. Bowling along

    Swedish cargo carrying training ship Beatrice rolling home with all the wind she can use. Upper topsails are still set, but the mainsail has been hauled up in the weather clew-garnet (clew-line on courses), making it practically triangular. Here the clew-garnet goes from the clew (lower corner...
1-5 of 5 Results