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  1. Beaveroak

    Canadian Pacific's Beaveroak was built on The Tyne by Vickers in 1965 at 6,165 gr tons for their Canadian trade. Seen arriving at Tilbury, she was a compact sturdy vessel, very much of the type being constructed for that service by continental builders at the time.
  2. Beaveroak

    At shipyard Vickers Armstrong Ltd,Newcastle UK, Built 1965, 6165grt, 408ft loa, 57ft beam, 15.5kt motor ship. She was renamed CP Ambassador

    CANADIAN PACIFIC STEAMSHIPS LTD. BUILT 1965 GROSS 6,165 LENGTH 408 ft BREADTH 57 ft Speed 15 knots Later became the CP AMBASSADOR 1970
1-3 of 3 Results