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  1. Beeding

    Stevie Clarke's Beeding passes Rosherville outward bound on The Thames 26 July 1979. Built 1971 she was 1,595 gr tons
  2. Beeding at Holyhead 1980?

    Beeding on tow into Holyhead harbour about 1980? By Holyhead Towing Co. Has someone any information regarding this incident In anticipation Many thanks JCD
  3. Beeding

    Stevie Clarkes "Beeding" built 1950, 1277 grt., later sold on to John Kelly and r/n "Ballymore".
  4. Beeding

    Stevie Clarkes "Beeding" ,built 1971, 1595grt, approaching Magheramorne, Larne lough, March, 1982.
1-4 of 4 Results