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  1. BEIRA

    DFDS cargo ship BEIRA of 1899, scrapped 1951. Details here:
  2. BEIRA

    Companhia Nacional de Navegação, IMO 5419036. Built 1963, scrapped 1985. Stork main engine type H.O.T.L.o. 6x75/160 and 3 auxiliary engines, type BRO 216, 10.250 HP at 115 rotations per minute.
  3. Ships at Beira

    Ships at Beira
  4. Beira

    Ships at Beira
  5. Willem Eggerts

    The prow of the Willem Eggerts taken in about 1964/5, which was beached at the Farol do Macuti, Beira, Mozambique.
  6. Beira 1970

    The fishing harbour, Beira, 16th Jan 1970. At her berth next to the harbour entrance is BI ship Kampala, her Red Duster in full display. She was to sail the next day for Dar es Salaam.
  7. Beira 1970

    Fishing harbour entrance, Beira, as seen from stern of Kampala, 16th Jan 1970. The Agip ? would appear to be some sort of oil exploration vessel. From Google Earth's sat map it seems that the wooden quay has been allowed to disintegrate over the past 40 years.
  8. Beira 1970

    The fishing harbour, Beira 16th Jan 1970. Moulin Rouge nightclub prominent in the background.
  9. Beira 1967

    Beira railway station (completed the previous year) and Moulin Rouge nightclub as seen from the boatyard near the harbour, 27th Dec 1967.
  10. Beira 1967

    The western shore of Beira from Principe Perfeito, 26th Dec 1967. The tug Macuti is berthed at the southern entrance to the small harbour. The next day I was to walk on the very spot where this vessel ended her days - as a breakwater opposite the lighthouse on Macuti beach. Some buildings...
  11. Beira 1967

    The western shore of Beira from the Principe Perfeito, 26th Dec 1967 - just before you reach the small harbour.
  12. Approaching Beira

    Principe Perfeito approaches her berth at Beira, 26th Dec 1967. Another Companhia Nacional de Navegacao ship, the Angola, is berthed far left. Is that the City of Adelaide on right?
  13. Matola

    The Matola, passing Principe Perfeito off Beira, 26th Dec 1967. Does anyone have any info on this vessel?
  14. BEIRA

    The Portugese owned BEIRA, hull built by Alfeite ****nal, Almada, but completed in 1963 at Amsterdam, was photographed at Avonmouth by the late Dick Parsons, probably in July 1972. She arrived at Bombay on 10.8.83 to be broken up
  15. Beira shipwreck

    The remains of the MACUT, close to Beira lighthouse, Mozambique
1-15 of 15 Results