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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Posting on behalf of my father. Brian Gallagher, I was a cook/std, worked on Kelly's Line, Belfast for many years; including the Ballykelly, Ballyrory, Ballygarvey, Ballyrush and the Ballygrainey. Just wondering if anyone on here that served with me is still alive and I hope I haven't...
  2. Belfast 1959.jpg

    View from Queens Bridge, Belfast, 5th August 1959, showing "TSS Duke of Argyll" and other ships at Donegall Quay. The coaster "Craigolive" is moored at her home wharf at right foreground.
  3. The Engine Room
    I'm wondering about what the arrangements for Kelly's steamships when they needed engine repairs would have been. I've been researching the last voyage of the SS Camlough in 1932, when the ship suffered engine problems, which were repaired leaving the engine running on reduced power (and filling...
  4. Belfast

    Hot off the pad Belfast in a spot of Roughers 15" X 11" watercolour.
  5. Cap Norte

    HMS Belfast lowering a boat to investigate the German Steamer 'Cap Norte' disguised as Swedish ship 'Ancona' Watercolour 12" X 9" Jim
  6. Belfast

    Belfast , making a few knots
  7. Olympic

    A nice view of the Olympic taken at the fitting out pier at Harland and Wolff in 1911. This is another picture from the John W. Kempster album which also included unseen shots of the Titanic. Like the others in the album, this shot too was printed in sepia tone; I’ve changed it to black and...
  8. Belfast

    Two recently launched ships being towed into position by the tugs WEXFORD and CORSAIR at Belfast Docks.

    Leaving Belfast flying the Red Essign for Portsmouth to be commissioned.

    Fitting out at Harland and Wolff, Belfast yards
  11. SP Viking - Arklow Valiant

    SP (Ex Arklow) Viking, Arklow Valiant and one other Arklow shipping vessel - Gotto Wharf, Belfast
  12. HMS Caroline

    Newly opened to the public exactly 100 years after the Battle of Jutland. She is the last survivor of the battle.
  13. USNS Bruce C Heezen

    Belfast Dry Dock. Not listed in harbour movements
  14. Unknown - Belfast

    Stormont Wharf Belfast - last 10 years ?
  15. Belfast

    HMS Belfast & Friends
  16. Stena Mersey

    Stena Mersey, outward bound from Birkenhead heading down the Mersey en route for Belfast.
  17. Belfast

  18. Belfast maritime festival

    Abercorn Basin
1-19 of 157 Results