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  1. Victoria Channel Belfast

    Victoria Channel Belfast
  2. HSS Stena Discovery

    HSS Stena Discovery
  3. HSS Stena Discovery

    HSS Stena Discovery heading out through Belfast Lough
  4. Ferran's fleet

    Ferran's fleet, berthed at Gotto Wharf Belfast
  5. Tug on quay

    Tug - York Dock Belfast
  6. Tugs and barge

    Convoy in Pollock Basin Belfast
  7. Belfast and Westminster

    HMS Westminster alongside HMS Belfast on the Thames.
  8. Gotto Wharf Belfast

    Gotto Wharf Belfast - Busy day
  9. VT4 Belfast

    Victoria Terminal 4 Belfast
  10. Dredging opertations

    Dredging opertations - New DONG wind turbine berth Belfast
  11. York Dock Belfast

    York Dock Belfast - another dismal summer's day !!
  12. unknown tug = Little Mo

    Tug working on new berth at Belfast.
  13. Dredging operations

    Dredging operations - Off new wind turbine berth - Belfast
  14. Crane demolition

    Stothert and Pitt crane being dismantled Stormont Wharf Belfast. Worryingly I remeber this crane being delivered and still regarded it as a new crnae. Sad !!
  15. Gotto Wharf Belfast

    Vesseles - Florece, RMS Ruhrurt and Marne
  16. Pollock Dock Belfast

    Pollock Dock 7 Belfast. Crane being demolished
  17. Belfast maritime festival

    Abercorn Basin Belfast
  18. Victoria Chanel Belfast

    Victoria Chanel Belfast
  19. Abercorn Basin Belfast

    Abercorn Basin Belfast
  20. Harland and Wolff

    Photo for postcard believed to be about 1910-1920
21-40 of 156 Results