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  1. Belgrave

    Belgrave (Br) Built 1938, 1076 Tons Gross, Owned by Onesimus Dorey & Son Sailing from Avonmouth 13 February 1962
  2. Belgrave

    Dorey's "Belgrave" at Carrickfergus late 70's with coal. Dorey's had many Isish crewmen,skipper Dan "horsey" McFaul was with them a long time, and Herbie Housten too, both from Larne. The Harbourmasters office is ahead of her infront of two oil storage tanks, Islandmagee man Capt. Stewart...
  3. Belgrave

    Oneismus Dorey's Belgrave approaching Carrickfergus about 1979. I've no details but think she was built 1977, with Perelle and another one. Shes still around as the Sea Lark
1-3 of 3 Results