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  1. Stad Amsterdam

    This picture specially to convince the crew of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl to shine up the bell ... ....Just do it Guys!!
  2. Forecastle Bell from the Mauritania

    Mauretania was finally taken out of service on Oct 1934, during the following year, an auction was held over 8 days to sell off the ships contents and fittings, with a total of 3503 lots, with intense public interest from coat hangers, electric light fittings, bed linen, fire hoses and linoleum...
  3. Bell 1-off

    will require external mechanism to ring.
  4. Engineers' control

    Chevron opted for open control on their ships. This Howard W. Bell 1972. At least the live gauge glasses were in view!
  5. Howard W. Bell

    Chevron VLCC 2nd sea trial March 1972
1-5 of 5 Results