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  1. The Royals.

    A nostalgic glimpse of the "Royals" in their heyday.
  2. Benmacdhui

    Taken shortly after her collision with another company's ship Benattow.
  3. "Mossie" bar Bangkok.

    Happy ship's crew enjoying a "session" in the Mosquito bar In Bangkok..circa mid 60's One of the most notorious bars in the East, in its heyday. And I loved every minute of it.
  4. Albert docks sunset

    A view of London's Royal Albert Docks at sunset
  5. Benvorlich.

    Loading copra at Legaspi in the Philippines...Up a shaky bouncy home made ramp. All sacks carried manually on board then emptied. circa mid fifties.
  6. North Sea in a playful mood.

    The tiny hamlet of Peterhythe not far from Buckie, feels the wrath of Arctic gales. Jones Boatyard & slip can be seen sticking out top of photo. My village of Ianstown just round the bend. Note.. the sea spilling on to the road.
  7. Kennicott launch.

    The spectacular launch of Alaska Marine Highway System's...Kennicott, at Halter Marine's Moss Point yard. Built to serve S.E. Alaska, she will also act as a command and logistics centre during an oil spill or other natural disaster.
  8. "Keep 'er off the knuckle 'arry".

    No story to this..looks like a tug being transported, certainly need a truck driver with steady hands. Perhaps the members can cast some light on this.
  9. Pacific Storm

    Damaged containers after an argument with Pacific weather
  10. Connell House bar?

    Could this be the small bar in Connell House Singapore circa mid 50's. The tiles are the same as the ones round the swimming pool. The lads pictured here are crew of a Scandinavian ship
  11. Samuel Plimsoll's Nightmare.

    A motorised river barge seen here chugging merrily along the River Maas waterway, severely overloaded and down by the head. It only needs the wash of a passing ship, to easily swamp the hatches As with all family owned concerns, its a wonder the family dog wasn't sighted or Granny down aft...
  12. Farewell my lovely.

    An unknown steam drifter, pours on the power, departing Yarmouth or Lowestoft.
  13. Rescued & rescuer stuck

    An Antarctic rescue that did not go quite to plan
  14. Is this Connell House.???

    Can any of the members tell me if this is Connell House Singapore. I remember the feeling of being walled in or fenced in, with cicada's chirping in the greenery when last I swam there in the mid fifties. It is definitely the Far East as the web site was solely about Asia.
  15. Hitching a ride.

    The Nieuw Amsterdam arriving in the cruise port of Kralendjik, with a 18 ton whale impaled on her bow. The skipper noticed a slight unexplained loss of speed, but no mechanical problems could be found. The whale had been dead for some time before being picked up by the ship's bow
  16. Hellespont Alhambra.

    The world's first double hulled U.L.C.C. built in South Korea, of 440,000 dwt, for Greek owners. It is expected that no major repairs or steel replacement will be needed for 40 years ( I've heard that before)
  17. A Bridge too far.

    The German owned general cargo ship "Lagik" was trying to turn, approaching her berth at Sutton Bridge U.K. when the tide in the River Nene did the rest. The salvors could have taken the accomodation off leaving a good pontoon bridge, but the upriver port of Wisbech wanted its channel cleared.
  18. "Lunatic Soup".

    sampling the local's "pineapple beer" in Mangaia, Cook islands. One day there loading pineapples, all of us came back aboard, streched out like "pairs of Braces" on the pineapple barge. circa "70's on Toa Moana.
  19. Top of the Range

    Here we have a state-of- the-art Filipino washing machine. It has two agitator speeds...In single mode, use the rubber scupper plunger, or double....hop in and start jumping up and down, as you would crush grapes. This is the same ship "Pioneer Tween" where I posted the mess in the galley...
  20. Where Flying fishes play.

    The wake of the N.Z. tanker "Kotuku", near the equator, bound for Sembawang dock Singapore for a refit.
1-20 of 38 Results