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  1. M.V.Ngahere.


    Here's one for you K.P.C. Remember the 21st in Melbourne? Taken off the Kiwi coast somewhere waiting for the pilot
  2. Ianstown.


    This small village of about 200 souls, is my birthplace. A stone's throw from the fishing town of Buckie in the background....To the right at the back is Jones'es Slip and boat yard, to the left by the crane, Herd & McKenzies slip yard. I took this photo 3 years ago, Jones yard now derelict, the b
  3. Benmacdhui


    View of foredeck at anchor in Penang '57
  4. Benmacdhui


    Berthed at Empire Dock, discharging Singapore '56-57.
  5. Auckland vanishes.

    Auckland vanishes.

    A grey-pink fog envelops Auckland city, leaving the Sy tower floating eerily in the haze. circa June 1999.
  6. Tight squeeze in Panama

    Tight squeeze in Panama

    The Second world War battleship USS Iowa squeezing through locks on the Panama Canal heading for a maritime museum in San Francisco. It took two days for the 48,000 ton ship to negotiate the 80km canal with less than 30cm of clearance on either side of the locks. Most ships take about eight or nine
  7. Mosquito bar & Venus Room

    Mosquito bar & Venus Room

    This photo is a little bit more "recent". They managed to put a sign up to let you know where the "action' is.
  8. Mosquito Bar Bangkok.

    Mosquito Bar Bangkok.

    I stumbled on this old photo, while doing research for my book. The Mosquito bar is on the near corner and upstairs. You can just see where the 'soi' (street) bends to the right, which leads to the Seamens Mission...still there today but called Mariners club of Bangkok A journal entry, describes i
  9. Entering Yarmouth.

    Entering Yarmouth.

    The inverness motor drifter "Narinia" I.N.S.134. followed by the Buckie steam herring drifter "Cissy" B.C.K.331 "surfing" into Yarmouth Harbour circa 50's.
  10. Chong Pang City

    Chong Pang City

    Doing a bit of shopping in Chong Pang City, which is a small community not far from Sembawang dock Singapore. Was there for a month. ship was getting extra steel put in. Note the sign...Leaves a lot to be desired!!
  11. M.V.Kawaroa


    The generator was going to Sydney. After the dollop of Tasman Sea drained away, it simply 'disappeared, leaving a few lengths of chain still shackled to the lugs, flapping uselessly on deck. circa 70's.
  12. Floating "Greasy Spoon".

    Floating "Greasy Spoon".

    This was the state of the galley on "Pioneer Tween" when we joined in Dunedin N.Z. in the 80's. Nobody knew who owned the ship ( too many shadow companies.) Chartered to N.Z, steel for the Tasman run. The Dunedin cleaning ladies took four days to get the ship up to a livable standard...An absolute d
  13. "Let go forr'ard".

    "Let go forr'ard".

    Anchoring off Marsden Point refinery late 60's on the "Hamilton." Chartered from Evan Thomas Radcliff to N.Z. interests.
  14. "Aspro"


    A blue grass monkey we bought in Visghapatnam India, for a carton of ****...Named thus because he would give an aspro a head ache. Had a fondness for draining tumblers of anything. Taken in the bar of "New Zealand Alliance"...drunk on gin.
  15. Beirut Harbour

    Beirut Harbour

    From the foc'sle head of the 'Patrician'.... Ellerman & Papayanni. Beirut, March 1960.
  16. The long way round.

    The long way round.

    Fore deck of the Benmacdhui during the Suez crisis of'56. Doubling back through the "Meddy" and round Africa to Penang. Taken off the Cape of Good Hope. Kind regards Jim.
  17. Three first trippers.

    Three first trippers.

    Yours truly is on the left..."Peggy"....Matt in the centre 'Galley boy'....George on the right...Cabin boy. Taken on July 1956 off Gibraltar en route to the Far East on " Benmacdhui."
  18. Singapore Nights

    Singapore Nights

    A Singapore 'Bugis Street" Belle sometime in the 50's-60's. In those days you paid your money, you took your chances