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  1. Ship Research
    I did a few coasts on the 'Gloe and in fact was on the final UK coast before she sailed out for scrap. I remember we removed some panels in the passengers lounge which had a mural painted on them, in an underwater theme, if memory serves me correctly. I think they were done a by a then, well...

    BENVANNOCH 1911 completed by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Newcastle for Houlder, Middleton & Co. Ltd., London 4.770GRT, T3 2.700ihp, Earle's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull 1911 br. HORLEY 1912 EUCLID (Lamport & Holt Ltd.) 1931 BENVANNOCH 1936 MARIE MOLLER (Moller...
  3. BEN LINE Record Book 3

    Copy of my Ben Line Seaman's Record Book and Certificates of Discharge.
  4. BEN LINE Record Book 2

    Copy of my Ben Line Seaman's Record Book and Certificate of Discharge.
  5. BEN LINE Record Book 1

    Copy of my Seaman's Record Book and Certificates of Discharge.
  6. BEN LINE Testimonial Form

    One of my Ben Line Testimonial Forms that were completed after every trip and signed by the Chief Engineer and Master.
  7. BEN LINE Diary 3

    My Ben Line diary for 1966
  8. BEN LINE Diary 2

    My Ben Line diary for 1966
  9. BEN LINE Diary 1

    My Ben Line Diary for 1966
  10. BEN LINE 'Engineer'

    Me with my bag packed ready to join the Benavon for my first trip. 1962
  11. BENRINNES Crew 2

    Group of Deck Officers, Engineers and Electricians in the Benrinnes Smoke Room. Approx. 1963.

    On-board Benrinnes 2 Junior Engineers and 2 Deck Cadets. Young man on the right believed to be called Andy.
  13. BEN LINE 05

    Believed to be the Ben Line vessel Benvrachie possibly approaching Penang.
  14. BENAVON 1

    Me onboard my first ship the Benavon in Royal Albert Docks, London, October 1962.
  15. Ship and Naval Architecture Text Books

    This is the name and location of the publisher - unfortunately I am not too good at interpreting....I will try and get an interpretation of it this week.
  16. Ship and Naval Architecture Text Books

    I bought this classic in a Sydney Second hand bookshop a few years ago. From the book I believe it was owned by a Ian Aitchison from "Benlawers" in Aug 1974. It was evidently given to him on his birthday on & Aug 74. Also of interest, imho, is that Kemp and Young Textbooks...
  17. BenBhui

    This vessel obviously does not belong in this section but I feel it is the most appropriate place for her. She was the Ben Line Launch in Hong Kong back in the early 70's... Not sure of the owner but I am sure he wont mind her being posted here.
1-19 of 54 Results