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  1. Benarty

    Many voyages commencing in London did so in heavy mist as is the case here with Ben Line's Benarty passing Gravesend in 1976. Built 1963 by Caledon Shipbuilding at Dundee she was 10,162 gr tons.
  2. Benarty

    London's Royal KGV Dock in 1971 with Ben Line's Benarty and Shaw Savill's Icenic visible. The dockside crane appears to be almost new.
  3. Benarty

    Built in 1963 by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Dundee, the Benarty was a very handsome sturdy looking vessel with massive heavy lift equipment. Seen here departing Gravesend in 1976 she was 10,162 gr tons.
  4. Benarty

    I always liked the 'Ben Boats'...and the Company Crest on the bow just enhanced their ships.

    UK Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer and date unknown
  6. Benarty

    BENARTY 1963 12420 tgr Ben Line off Tilbury 10-74
  7. Martin Laurenson and Eric ???

    Onboard Benarty, South America Dec 1976 Both came from the Shelands, Great Crew The Bosun was Ronnie Buchan from Aberdeen I wonder where they are now?
  8. Billy Leslie and Sam Walls Benarty 76

    Taken about Dec 76 South America, Billy Died about 3 yrs ago, I last saw Sam in Lerwick 78, I was with Offshore Marine he was with Wimpey, we were all in sheltering from gales. Sam came from Sandy Isle in the Orkneys
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  9. Benarty 1963

    Ben Line
  10. Benarty 1963

    Ben Line
  11. Benarty 1963

    Ben Line
  12. Benarty 1945

    Ben Line
  13. Benarty 1963

    Ben Line
  14. Benarty

    Not much rust on this one to go at, built in Dundee with real steel. Great runs ashore on this benboat
  15. Benarty (VI)

    Another view of Benarty. I have covered her particulars in a previous post in my gallery. I don't know what became of her after she was sold East.
  16. Benarty (V)

    2/1946 Completed by Greenock Drydock Co. Ltd.,Greenock (Yard No. 461) for the Ministry of War Transport (Hall Line Ltd., managers) as the heavy lift ship "EMPIRE WALLACE". 7,800 grt 4,433 net 9,862 dwt 470 x 67 x 27' Steam turbine connected to electric motor, 7,500 shp by General Electric...
  17. Benarty (VI)

    2/1963 Completed by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Dundee (Yard No. 534) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 10,294 grt 6,152 net 12,619 dwt 509 x 67 x 30' 6 cylinder Sulzer, 9,000 bhp by D. Rowan & Co. Ltd., Glasgow. 17.5 knots. 1981 Sold to Singapore buyers and renamed...
  18. Benarty (III)

    1/1926 Completed by Chas. Connell & Co., Glasgow (Yard No.405) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 5,800 grt 3,684 net 420 x 54 x 30' Quadruple expansion, 3,000 ihp by D. Rowan & Co. Glasgow. 12.5 knots. 10/9/1940 Captured by the German raider "GOLDENFELS" (also known as "ATLANTIS", "Schiff...
  19. Benarty (II)

    7/1902 Completed by Bartram & Sons, Sunderland (Yard No. 187) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 3,910 grt 2,510 net 383 x 46 x 18' Triple expansion, 1,750 ihp by J. Dickinson & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. 1924 Sold to New Egypt & Levant Shipping Co. Ltd., (T. BowenRees & Co. Ltd. managers) and...
1-20 of 21 Results