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  1. Benattow

    The 1951 Benattow of Ben Line was of fine pedigree trading previously as Cuzco for PSNC. Of 8,038 gr tons she is seen in London's Royal Albert Dock in July 1973.
  2. Benattow 1951

    Built 1951 as Cuzco for PSNC bec Bennatow 65
  3. Benattow

  4. BENATTOW ex SS CUZCO 1975

    Derek Dunn 4th Eng. on Benattow 1975.
  5. BENATTOW ex SS CUZCO 1975

    Heading to Hong Kong August 1975.
  6. BENATTOW ex SS CUZCO 1975

    Heading for Hong Kong from the Philippines around August 1975. Weather not too good as we were in the tail end of a Typhoon.
  7. Benattow 1943

    Ben Line
  8. Benattow (II)

    6/1951 Completed by Blyth Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Blyth (Yard No. 339) for the Pacific Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool as "CUZCO", having been originally laid down for the Lancashire Shipping Co. Ltd., (Mollers Ltd., managers) Hong Kong as "THURLAND CASTLE" and purchased while on the...
  9. Benattow (I)

    6/1943 Completed by Wm. Denny & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton (Yard No. 1368) for British & Burmese Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., (P. Henderson & Co., managers) Glasgow as "PEGU". 7,857 grt 4,756 net 10,600 dwt 461 x 61 x 28' Turbines (3) 5,500 shp, by Wm. Denny & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton. 15 knots...
1-11 of 11 Results