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  1. Bencruachan

    Ben Line Built 1968, 12,100 gross tons, length 558 foot On the River Thames 13th July 1978
  2. Bencruachan

    Berthed in King George Dock, Hull, 1973. Caught by a rogue wave in the South Atlantic off South Africa.
  3. Bencruachan (I) 1928-1941

    O.N. 160652 5,920 gt, 3,750 nt 429 x 54 x 30 feet Quadruple expansion, 3,000 ihp by D. Rowan and Co., Ltd., Glasgow. 12.5 kts 9.1928 Completed by C. Connell and Co., Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 413 - Launched on 28.8.1928) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 5.7.1941 Mined and sunk off...
  4. Bencruachan

    Bencruachan in drydock, rotterdam being repaired after collision in Thames on maiden voyage.

    Singapore 27/2/1976. Built for Ben Line. Nearly sank off South Africa 1973 after being hit by freak wave.
  6. Bencruachan

    BENCRUACHAN 1946 8047 tgr Ben Line
  7. Bencruachan

    Ben Line
  8. Bencruachan

    Ben Line
  9. Bencruachan

    Ben Line
  10. Bencruachan

    Ben Line
  11. Bencruachan

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  12. Bencruachan

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  13. Bencruachan

    Bencruachan the morning after hitting a freak wave off the Cape. She didn't actually "break" her back, as many seem to believe, but it must have been a very near thing. I think these pictures were originally taken by some S.African news paper. I acquired them when I was in "Bencruachan" This...
  14. Bencruachan (III)

    9/1968 Completed by Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. (Scotstoun Division) Glasgow (Yard No. 511) for the Ben Line of Leith. 12,092 grt 7,097 net 14,884 dwt 558 x 78 x 34' Turbine, Pametrada design, 20,000 shp by Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co. Ltd., Wallsend. 21.5 knots. 3/5/1973 Struck...
  15. Bencruachan (II)

    6/1946 Completed by J.L. Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (Yard No. 644) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 8,047 grt 4,787 net 11,362 dwt 483 x 60 x 30' Turbines (2) 7,500 shp by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool. 16.5 knots. 6/1966 Sold to Twenty Five March Shipping...
  16. Bencruachan (I)

    9/1928 Completed by Chas. Connell & Co. Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 413) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 5,920 grt 3,750 net 429 x 54 x 30' Quadruple expansion, 3,000 ihp by D. Rowan & Co. Ltd., Glasgow. 12.5 knots. 5/7/1941 Mined and sunk off Alexandria while on passage from Barry, 3...

    Another shot of her taken in Hamburg.

    One of the most stylish cargo liners to be built for Ben Line in my opinion fitting out at the Scotstoun yard of Charles Connell,builder of so many Ben ships.
1-19 of 19 Results