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    Valetta,Malta Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer and date unknown

    New Waterway 2/6/1975. Built for Ben Line.
  3. BENDEARG 1978.

    Some of the deck crowd of the Bendearg at the Horizon Hotel in Djakarta. In the back is Derek Houliston, deck boy, and an AB who I can't remember his name. Front row , L. to R. is Des Feeney, Roy Muir, Mick Stewart, Colin Havler and Eddie ? Maybe someone can put names to the two "unknowns"
  4. Bendearg about 1978

    Back row L to R, Des Feeney, Self, Eddie ?, John McLeod (Chippy), Front L to R, ? (Deck Boy), Mick Stewart, Floyd ?, Brian Bridges and Roger Goudie (Bosun). Bloody good crowd.
  5. Bendearg

    1964 Built by Chas. Connell & Co. Ltd., Glasgow for Ben Line Steamers of Leith. Yard No. 504 O.N. 305303 11,902 grt 6,661 net 533 x 70 x 33' 6 Cylinder Sulzer. 13,800 bhp by Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow. 19 knots. 1981 Sold to Singapore owners and renamed "New Panther".
1-5 of 5 Results