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  1. benhiant penang 1966

    some of the deck crew along with the sarang, penang stevedore foreman
  2. Benvannoch, built 1952

    Another real ship, was fortunate to voyage on her in 1974/75. Great ship with a crew to match. Built 1952 12,976 tons 13,000SHP
  3. Benlomond

    The finest ship I ever sailed on, built 1959, did coast, seven voyages, coast on her, great ship with a crew to match. Built 1959 12,010 tons 8,500 SHP
  4. Benalbanach built 1952

    A real ship,sailed on her as 3/e 1976, great crew. Built 1952 12,976 tons 11,000 SHP
1-4 of 5 Results