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    I'm sure this is BENSTAC built at Connell's in Glasgow in 1968.
  2. JOHN P

    The former BENSTAC built by Connell's in Glasgow for Ben Line in 1968 and sold on in 1982. Sadly on April 17th 1985 she foundered on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Lobito. Interestingly the same style of lettering as applied as a Ben Line vessel seems to have been carried on in her new name.
  3. Benstac & Benalbanach in Singapore Anchorage late 70's

    Benstac & Benalbanach in Singapore Anchorage in the late 70's.
  4. Benstac

    Benstac Built: 1968 Chas Connell, Scotstoun, Glasgow Tonnage: 12,011grt Owners: Ben Line Ltd 1982: Sold, r/n 'John P' !985: Foundered 17.4.1985.

    UK Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer and date unknown
  6. Benstac

    Derrick topped too high and "oops", on Benstac, Yokohama.

    MV Benstac at Sydney 7/4/1978 On charter to EAC of Denmark Built 1968 by Barclay Curle for Ben Line 12011 GRT 1982 Sold and renamed John P Foundered 17/4/1985
  8. Chippy and Bosun Benstac 1974

    Alec Walker and Davy Drummond on the Benstac. Was onboard her over 12 months, Lots of chipping and red lead with Davy in charge, Great times great crews
  9. Benstac

    Indian Ocean homeward bound 1969.
  10. Benstac

    Christmas 1969. L-R: ? (1st RO standing), ? , ? , ? (Cheif Off), ? (2nd RO), Jim Grainger (Cadet), Jim Watt ? (AB), ? , ? . I would appreciate any help with names or mistakes.
  11. Benstac

    Christmas 1969, L_R: ?, Ken Malgarin (AB), Stan Webster (AB), Jim Grainger (Cadet),? (2nd Lecky), Willie McKay (AB), ? (!st RO), and 2n RO in foreground. Memory is failing me so I stand corrected on any mistakes.
  12. Benstac

    Photo taken at St. Johns, New Brunswick during January 1977. Davie Drummond (Bosun) and John McKinnon from Harris (AB) are on deck. Can't remember who it is coming off the mast house. It was certainly a pleasure to get out of the place and start heading East.
  13. Benstac

    Spent 14 months on this ship, most of the time with a chipping hammer in hand, Great runs ashore err!!! if you miss out the Gulf bit in the middle. Most of the crew stayed on this ship for long periods, Davy Drummond (Bosun) made sure we were always busy to keep her smart
  14. Benstac

    1/1968 Completed by Chas. Connell & Co. (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 512) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 12,011 grt 6,493 net 15,926 dwt 532 x 70 x 33' 1982 Sold to Greek interests and renamed "JOHN P". 17/4/1985 Sank after engineroom explosion while on passage from Buenos...
1-14 of 14 Results