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  1. Benvalla

    Ben Line's 10,926 gr ton Benvalla proceeds upriver in 1965 in the charges of tugs Vanquisher and Dhulia. Built by Chas Connell at Scotstoun in 1962 she was a mighty fine vessel both visually and technically.
  2. Benvalla

  3. Benvalla

    Benvalla, with lighters in the Royal Docks London, provide a nice nostalgic scene.

    UK Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer and date unknown

    Europe 1984. Built 1962 as Benvalla for Ben Line. 1972 sold and renamed Yichun. 1977 renamed Hua Chun. Final fate unknown.

    On sea trials Connel Scotstoun built 1962-HI CHUN 72-HAU CHUN 77-Deleted 92- can anyone know the correct data of her end of life?
  7. Benvalla Laundry chit

    On the reverse of the Benvalla Laundry chit the order is written in Chinese
  8. Benvalla Laundry chit

    Wonder what it cost today
  9. Benvalla in Port Swettenham sometime in 1966

    Prepairing to load liquid latex. Shortly after this picture was taken one of the rubber hoses ruptured and spilled liquid latex all over the deck, the smell of ammonia was awful. The dockies let it dry and rolled it up into balls and threw it onto the dock.
  10. Benvalla in Japan 1966

    I have no idea what this guy is doing possibly placing a Christmas tree branch.
  11. Benvalla in Hong Kong 1966

    Benvalla in Hong Kong 1966
  12. Benvalla in Hong Kong 1966

    Benvalla coming along side in Hong Kong 1966
  13. Benvalla Engineer & Electrician

    Two crew members, a junior engineer and electrician their names I cannot remember. Taken sometime in 1966
  14. Benvalla (I)

    I have posted this ship before, along with her details, but came across this beam view and thought it worth posting. Not too many around as good looking as this. Regards, Roy.
  15. Benvalla

    Benvalla's main engine 10RD76 Fairfield-Rowan Sulzer Diesel engine, top platform with cylinder heads and turbo chargers. All of the main engine components were manufactured at David Rowan's then assembled and tested at Fairfields engine shop in 1963. There is a picture of it on the test bed in...
  16. Benvalla

    Benvalla homeward bound at 20 knots with a clear stack and all shipshape.
  17. Benvalla

    Another shot of her freshly painted deck.
  18. Benvalla

    Benvalla homeward bound late 1966 with her decks freshly painted.
  19. Benvalla

    A night shot of Benvalla in Hong Kong unloading.
  20. Benvalla Main Engine

    Benvalla's main engine 10RD76 Sulzer by Fairfield Rowan. Sorry the picture is a bit dark but I recovered it from an old slide. The junior engineer in the lower left is not me. This picture was taken in December 1966 as I was paying off the ship.
1-20 of 22 Results