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  1. Benvrackie Boiler Room

    Donkeyman by port boiler.
  2. Benrackie Engine Room

    3rd Engineer Bob Stephenson larking about
  3. Benvrackie

    Inward bound at Gravesend in 1971 is Ben Line's beautiful Benvrackie. Built by Connells at Scotstoun in 1955 she was 9,757 gr tons. Ben Line was not only a player in far east trading but they also managed to become pacesetters - no mean feat against some pretty well resourced opposition.
  4. Benvrackie

    Ben line's Benvrackie outbound on the River Thames
  5. Benvrackie

    The Benvrackie is seen outward bound at Tilbury in 1965. Clyde built by Charles Connell at Scotstoun in 1956 she was 9,757 gr tons.
  6. Benvrackie

    Ben Lines Benvrackie arriving at Gravesend 23 July 1971. From 1955 she was 9,757 gr tons.
  7. Benvrackie

    The very smart looking Benvrackie seen in the Royal Docks, London
  8. Benvrackie

    BENVRACKIE 1955 11961 tgr Ben Line Taken at the Royal Albert docks -Lon-1-5-75
  9. Benvrackie Suez Canal 1975

    Homeward bound, the first convoy through the canal heading West, Rod Stewart at No 1 with "we are sailing" what more could you want. Certainly not the mine which the ship in front of us hit..!! Still a war zone at the time with burned out tanks etc by the side of the canal.The first time I had...
  10. Benvrackie

    Another great ship with a crew to match, voyaged on her in 1975 Built 1955 11,961 tons 8,500 SHP Aye, happy days.
  11. Benvrackie (V)

    3/1955 Completed by Chas. Connell & Co. Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 477) for the Ben Line Steamers of Leith. 10,302 grt. 5,961 net. 12,010 dwt. 508 x 64 x 30' Turbines (2) 9,350 shp by D. Rowan & Co., Glasgow. 17 knots. 21/12/1975 Arrived at Kaohsiung for breaking up by Nan Eng Steel...
1-13 of 13 Results