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  1. Berengaria

    Cunard’s Berengaria makes a Southampton arrival in September 1934. The aging liner would retain her speed throughout the remainder of her life, making regular 24.5 knot crossings of the Atlantic, something that would be very important when she was running a two ship service with the new Queen...
  2. Queen Mary & Berengaria

    The new Queen Mary is seen at Southampton in April, 1936. The ship has returned from her official trials that she’d run up on the Clyde. The old Berengaria is seen on the right, making a routine departure from the port. The new liner made even this 50,000 ton vessel look rather small.
  3. Berengaria

    Departing her pier at New York. Also in view the Majestic an Anchor Line vessel and, I think, the Lancastria
  4. Berengaria

    I just saw threebs' picture of the Imperator which he posted on the 4th of this month, and I thought it would be interesting to see her from an identical angle as the Berengaria. It's interesting to compare the structural changes made by Cunard so soon after acquiring the ship. Although...

    Painting of the BERENGARIA on board the QUEEN ELIZABETH Mar 2014. Painter: R.G.Lloyd
  6. New York Harbor, 1936

    This group shot from the air over New York’s super liner piers was taken in 1936. It shows the Europa, Rex, Normandie, Georgic, and Berengaria docked between their scheduled Atlantic voyages and cruises. I’m not sure of the month this was taken, so it’s possible the Queen Mary was already in...
  7. Olympic, Berengaria, and Leviathan

    A trio of Atlantic giants is seen docked together at Southampton in the mid 1920’s. The picture provides a nice view of the Olympic seen from the stern.
  8. Berengaria

    Cunard’s Berengaria was the company’s largest vessel from the time she entered the fleet in January, 1921. She made a few voyages under her original German name Imperator, before being officially renamed Berengaria in late February. She was converted to oil fuel at the Armstrong Whitworth Yard...
  9. The Big Three

    Cunard's three great Express Liners are seen together at Southampton in 1920. The three liners, Mauretania, Aquitania, and Berengaria would maintain the companies express services for the next 14 to 15 years. Artist unknown.
  10. Atlantic Giants

    SN's own Harley Crossley painted this view of famous North Atlantic liners gathered at Southampton at some time during the late 1920's. Present are, Aquitania, Berengaria, Homeric, and Olympic. This painting was made from a photograph posted earlier on SN. Link to photograph...
  11. Imperator

    The German liner Imperator (52117 grt/29881 nrt) was launched on May 23rd, 1912 by the A.G. Vulcan, Hamburg and commissioned on May 24th, 1913. She was the largest vessel of her time, being the first ship to exceed the 50,000 grt mark. When returning to Hamburg on July 8th, 1914 Imperator was...
  12. Southampton, 1932

    View from the air of the port of Southampton in what I believe is 1932. Perhaps those with sharper eyes than mine, can identify all of the vessels present.
  13. Berengaria

    View over the bows of Berengaria in the Ocean Dock at Southampton
  14. Berengaria - Pier 54 - NYC - July 11, 1924

    Other vessels from Pier 60 to 55 include... Pittsburgh Baltic Homeric Minnetonka unknown freighter Laconia
  15. Berengaria

    Passengers enjoying the sea air aboard Cunard's mighty Berengaria
  16. Berengaria

    Visitors to Cunard's mighty Berengaria wander along the quayside after paying their one shilling entrance fee for the privilege of touring the ship
  17. RMS Berengaria

    Cunard's RMS Berengaria (1912-1938). Originally built in Germany, she was handed over to Britain after WW-I as a war-prize, presumably in reparations for the loss of the Lusitania. In her original guise as the SS Imperator, this ship featured had an enormous and grotesque figurehead on her...
  18. Berengaria

    33X20'' acrylic of Berengaria escorted by the tender Romsey
  19. Berengaria

1-20 of 26 Results