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  1. Venus

    Venus in her Bergen Line ferry role approaching Stavanger.
  2. Polarlys 1975

    Hurtigruten 1975. Southbound Polarlys appraching Steinsund in Sogn.
  3. Trym and Venus

    This painting depicts the famous rescue of the crew on the sinking Trym being rescued by Venus in the stormy North Sea. This took place in January 1937. Everyone was saved thanks to clever maneuvering of the Venus and a heroic swimmer who jumped into the furious sea and managed to bring a rescue...
  4. Jupiter at Tyne Commission Quay

    Brand new Jupiter ready for another trip across the North Sea to Stavanger and Bergen in the summer of 1966. Which ship is berthed on the opposite bank?
  5. Black Prince

    Fred Olsen's Black Prince at Stavanger in the summer of 1992.
  6. Nordstjernen (4).

    Bergen Line. Built. 1956. Sold to Troms Fylkes D/S. 1979.
  7. M/S Venus.

    Venus(2) Built 1931. Seized by Germans in 1941. Sunk by Allied Bombers at Hamburg 1945. Salvaged and repaired.Given back to Bergen Line. Scrapped 1968. Question: She looks to modern to be Venus (1). So is this how she looked before being sunk. My next pic is the same ship ,but is completly...
1-7 of 7 Results