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  1. NORRONA at Bergen

    NORRONA at Bergen

    NORRONA berthed at Bergen on her way to the Faeroe Islands Tuesday 26th August 2008
  2. Monte Rosa

    Monte Rosa

    Monte Rosa docked in my hometown Bergen, Norway. SS Monte Rosa Captured by Britain in 1945 Renamed S.S. Empire Windrush
  3. Lancastria


    Lancastria docked in my hometown Bergen, Norway.
  4. Norwegian frigate Bergen

    Norwegian frigate Bergen

    As Bacchante departed the NATO fleet, we had a "sail past" to say farewell.
  5. Batory


    This is also from Bergen harbour, Dokkeskjærskaien. Batory in foreground, but whats in the background?
  6. Arandora Star

    Arandora Star

    My grandfather was a sailor for a short time, and later worked at the harbour of Bergen, Norway. In the earlier days he had much to do with the great oceanliners. I have found some old photos in an album which belonged to him. Some are named, others are not but i trust some of the members here can h
  7. Roy Muir at Bergen 1979

    Roy Muir at Bergen 1979

    Taken while on the Hadleys mini-bulker Cerinthus. In the background is the Norwegiam barque Stratsraad Lehmkuhl.
  8. In Bergen

    In Bergen

    The bows of Black Watch in Bergen in the summer of 2006. In the foreground a float-plane is coming in to land.
  9. fram


    ex beamtrawler seen here in norway about 4 year ago
  10. Marion Dufresne

    Marion Dufresne

    Diving/Survey vessel Marion Dufresne at Bergen in 1999
  11. Azerbajdhan


    Photo taken in Bergen, Norway in the early 80's.
  12. LEKA


    LEKA approaching Bergen from the South August 1999
  13. Senator


    Senator approaching Bergen from south July 1999
  14. Cruising to Bergen

    Cruising to Bergen

    July 1996. On the right is ASTRA II built 1974 as Golden Odyssey but run then by DSRG of Germany under Bahamas flag. On left is VISTAFJORD built 1973 and run by Cunard also Bahamas flag. I wasn't cruising! Taken from bridge of Color Viking as we berthed, from Newcastle!