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  1. BHAMO


    BHAMO, built by Lithgows at Port Glasgow in 1957, was photographed in Avonmouth's dry dock by the late R.M.Parsons Built for British & Burmese S.N. Co. (P.Henderson), she was operating for Guinea Gulf Line on the West African Trade when photographed New owners, who took over the ship at Liver
  2. Bhamo


    Paddy Henderson, Glasgow
  3. Bhamo


    'Paddy Henderson' vessel "Bhamo" at Rangoon. Built, like most Henderson ships, by Lithgows she was delivered in 1957 for the company's Burmese service. 5,932 grt on dimensions 470' x 60' x 26.4' draught, suggesting she was an open-shelter deck vessel, she had a 4 cylinder B&W of 5,85
  4. Bhamo


    Paddy Henderson's "Bhamo" at Rangoon. Built in 1957 she was sold in 1979, renamed "Bhamot", and sailed to breakers in Kaohsiung.