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  1. Chinkoa, B.I., Aden, 1965

    Chinkoa, B.I., Aden, 1965

  2. BERKEL 01 - ITV 01

    BERKEL 01 - ITV 01



  4. Nowshera


  5. Cadets ashore in Durban

    Cadets ashore in Durban

    Four cadets from BI cadet ship Chindwara heading off for a swim with costumes wrapped in a towel. We were only allowed ashore in Company Blazer and grey slacks or in uniform. I'm the one in uniform (I didn't like ties)
  6. Two future officers?

    Two future officers?

    Myself and Taffy James (guess where he hails from) as well dressed young cadets on the BI cadet ship.
  7. British India Ship Quetta

    British India Ship Quetta

  8. Virgins cage

    Virgins cage

    The single women's protected area in a British India Gulf D class vessel. All BI deck passenger ships had these so called cages otherwise the unaccompanied women would quite likely be raped by the male deck passengers.
  9. Mombasa


    BI's Kampala or Karanja on far right of photo.
  10. BI's Uganda

    BI's Uganda

  11. BI's B class

    BI's B class

  12. BI Ships

    BI Ships

  13. BI,s Dunera

    BI,s Dunera

  14. BI's Kenya

    BI's Kenya

  15. BI ' S '  class

    BI ' S ' class

  16. BI N class

    BI N class

  17. BI's Chyebassa

    BI's Chyebassa

  18. BI's Tairea

    BI's Tairea

  19. BI's Uganda

    BI's Uganda

  20. BI ships in drydock

    BI ships in drydock