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    Good morning Can someone please help me with full details for L.H. Sheldrake of the Bibby Line? Survived sinking of SS Yorkshire in 1939. Believe he died at sea on a run to Rangoon in 1970. Does anyone have a photo of him? Wartime if possible. Cheers James
  2. Herefordshire


    HEREFORDSHIRE was built in 1905 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 7182grt, a length of 452ft 4in, a beam of 54ft 4in and a service speed of 15 knots. Sister of the Worcestershire she was launched on 31st August 1905 and completed on 29th November. When the First World War was decla
  3. Mates Birthday on the Wiltshire

    Mates Birthday on the Wiltshire

    Mates birthday on the Wiltshire in Maracaibo in 1975
  4. Wiltshire


    Alongside at Le Havre waiting for butadeine and ammonia after discharging propane in Fos from Ez Zuetinia Libya.We went round light ship then to Cartagena in Spain back to Fos then Houston, Maracaibo,Boston,Maracaibo,Boston,Tenuezen and paid off.
  5. Bibby liner= Staffordshire

    Bibby liner= Staffordshire

    Can anyone put a name to this handsome Bibby liner.


    Liverpool, May 1975
  7. Herefordshire and Al Odailiah

    Herefordshire and Al Odailiah

    Liverpool May 1975
  8. Bibby liner=WARWICKSHIRE

    Bibby liner=WARWICKSHIRE

    Hong Kong, October 1976 Which one?
  9. Shropshire


    Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead, 1970s. King Line vessel astern.
  10. Worcestershire


    Liverpool, May 1975
  11. Warwickshire


    Bibby Line
  12. Leicestershire


    Bibby Line