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  1. MV Oldenburg under Torridge Bridge

    MV Oldenburg under Torridge Bridge

    Passing under the road bridge at Bideford on the way to Lundy Island. Someone has painted a mermaid on the bridge structure. Taken June 2016.
  2. SV September

    SV September

    I'm told this vessel, September, was a Swedish minelayer, any more info or confirmation? Pictured in Bideford 14/10/2016 before being towed away
  3. Bideford


    With MV Oldenburg alongside
  4. John Adams

    John Adams

    John Adams photographed at East The Water on the river Torridge - August 1999. Built: 1934 Tonnage: Gr/Dwt 94/165 L/B/D 26m/ 6m /2.8m
  5. Bideford Pilot Boat

    Bideford Pilot Boat

    Two Rivers II the Bideford Pilot Boat. August 1999
  6. Bideford


    The Blanford Shipping Company was a British subsidiary of Fred Olsen, the well-known Norwegian shipowner. In 1958 the Kokums Yard at Malmo delivered the Bideford to this company, although she was registered under the Bideford Shipping Company, its first 'supertanker' at 41,000 dwt. In 1967 she was