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  1. Bilbao

    Lighthouse, Bilbao.
  2. Bilbao

    Bilbao harbor, taken from Covadonga.
  3. Bilbao

    Bilbao harbor, taken from Covadonga.
  4. Bilbao

    Harbor Bilbao from deck of Covadonga. Edit: ship is Covadonga.
  5. Bilbao

  6. COLON

  7. General view across the Ria de Bilbao in 1918

    Unable to identify the two ships here, but is an interesting view across the Bilbao river and quayside from 1918
  8. SS Serantes, Ria de Bilbao, 1910

    I think possibly the only surviving photo of this ship. From my Grandfather's private album.
  9. Norwegian tanker Ora

    The Norwegian motor tanker Ora (9537 grt / 5640 nrt) was completed in December 1937 by Kockums Mekaniske Verksted at Malmö, yard no. 197. She could load up to 14,985 ts of crude oil. Driven by a Kockums-built MAN oil engine with 4500 H.P. Upon commissioning the Ora was taken over by D/S A/S...
  10. MS Patricia

    Swedish Lloyd's car ferry, MS Patricia moored in Bilbao following her routine arrival from Southampton 1970s. scanned from slide
  11. Swedish Lloyd's MS Patricia

    moored at Bilbao having arrived from Southampton
  12. Puerto de Bilbao

    Port of Bilbao. Altos Hornos de Vizcaya. Old Post Card published by of L.Reisin Barcelona. Probably, a ship on photo is Mar Caspio.
  13. BILBAO

    The German S/S BILBAO,90m/2.450gt, completed 16/07/1922 by Nordeutsche Werft GmbH, Geestemunde, for Oldenburg Portugiesiche D.R.(OPDR), Hamburg; 1932 KAMERUN chartered to Woermann Linie, Hamburg; 1938 PLUS chartered to F.Laeisz Afrikanische Frucht Co.;1939 in Las Palmas when war broken and...
  14. Bilbao

    Picture taken mid 90's at Rotterdam
  15. Bilbao

    Spain Mediterranean 1980. The Spanish registered Bilbao acting as receiving and storage tanker for the semi sub rig Afortunada. Operating for Chevron oil Co. Seen from the rig, the flare is burning gas from the separators. The tanker was old and had tank vents on deck, no inerting, and was...
  16. Norm on Bilbao

    I was on the Bilbao to check the back pressure control valve of the transfer hose from the rig. Spain 1980.
  17. Bilbao

    Looking aft
  18. Bilbao

    Manifold. Transfer hose from rig. Control valve was to set the back pressure for the transfer pumps on the rig.
  19. Trip on Bilbao

1-20 of 20 Results