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    S / S BIRGER JARL. Built in 1893 by W. Lindbergs Verkstads & Varfs Ab, Stockholm. Yard no. 206 Dimensions: 57.26 x 8.70 x 4.25 m. Grt / Nrt / Dwt. 835/615/450. Machinery: A 3-cyl, triple long machine. Power: 800 hp. Passengers: 620 Cabin passengers: 100 History 1893 05. When...
  2. Birger Jarl

    Svea Line At Turku in August 1970
  3. Birger Jarl

    Birger Jahl, Stockholm 24 July 2013
  4. BIRGER JARL - Painting the ship.

    BIRGER JARL - Painting the ship.
  5. BIRGER JARL - Old Ship's Telegraph

    BIRGER JARL - Built 1953 Old Ship's Telegraph.

    BIRGER JARL - Built 1953 The Happy Ship.
  7. Birger Jarl

    4 prosperous gentlemen seafarers leaving the berth in Stockholm. Me far left.
  8. Birger Jarl

    VIP welcome to a proper cabin
  9. Birger Jarl

    Did a trip last year whilst on holiday. Capt. Johann Pellin is a great friend of my host and gave us a fab free trip. Runs between Stockholm and Mariehamn on "party" cruises. Average age of pax 70 but they sure now how to party!!
1-10 of 10 Results