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  1. Beluga Legislation

    And the last one for today, beluga again. Enjoy.
  2. Storrington

    Bridge view during the 12B storm on 27-02-2010
  3. Beluga Legislation

    On 27-02-2010 during NW storm 12 of Finisterre
  4. Tour Pomerol

    Similar picture also from 14-04-2010, She is heading NE towards the Channel.
  5. Pagola

    Off Finisterre on 14-04-2010
  6. Delmas Keta

    Crossing Biscay on 07-11-2009
  7. Sestri Star

    BroInterMed ship on Biscay - 07-11-2009
  8. Delmas Keta

    Delmas Keta crossing Biscay on 07-11-2009. She was heading to the Channel
  9. Sestri Star

    Seen on Biscay on 07-11-2009 looking from time to time like a submarine. BT on the funnel means BroinTermed
  10. Blexen

    Blexen seen from Silver Sand crossing Biscay on 2009/07/09.
  11. Kielder at sea

    Few frames from just one wave story. Kielder on passage to Aviles - Feb 2007
  12. Kielder at sea

    Biscay storm
  13. Kielder at sea

    Same story, few more frames
  14. Kielder at sea

    Few more frames from passage to Aviles Feb 2007
  15. Kielder - Biscay storm

    One of many monsters on our route to Spain. Good old Biscay.
  16. Kielder - Crossing Biscay

    The swell was huge. I have been asking her "Just keep coming up, keep coming baby" and she was a good girl.
  17. Kielder - crossing Biscay

    February 2007 - Biscay Bay don't let us down on this passage to Aviles too. Rock and Roll have begun well before Ushant.
1-20 of 25 Results