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    Fred Olsen's BLACK WATCH was completed in January 1939 and intended for the Oslo-Newcastle service. Shipyard: Akers Mek. Verksted, Oslo, yard no. 474. During the WW2 in German hands. Details here:
  2. Black Watch

    Black Watch built by Aker Mek. for Fred Olsen in 1938. Put on the Newcastle Oslo route.
  3. Black Watch

    Fred Olsen Cruises The Main Lounge in its original configuration
  4. Black Watch

    Fred Olsen Cruises The Library - shown as prior to conversion of this area into superior suites
  5. Black Watch

    Fred Olsen Cruises The Lido Cafe
  6. Black Watch

    Black Watch at anchor off Greenwich.

  8. Black Watch

    Black Watch Leith 11 August 2009
  9. Black Watch

    Fred Olsen Cruises On the River Tyne 14th September 2014
  10. Black Watch

    Black Watch from 1939. In service Oslo-Newcastle from January until September 1939 only. Bombed and sunk in 1945.
  11. Black Watch

    Black Watch was delievered to Fred Olsen Lines from Akers Mek., Oslo, in January 1939 for service Oslo-Newcastle with stop in Kristiansand. Taken over by Deutsche Kriegsmarine in August 1940 for transport within Norway. Bombed and sunk by English planes at Kilbotn in North Norway on 04th May...
  12. Black Watch

    Arriving Auckland
  13. Black Watch

    Arriving Auckland 8th Mar 2014 on a glorious calm morning

    BLACK WATCH entered the Brunsbüttel locks in September 2012.
  15. Black Watch

    Approaching Funchal, Madeira in Spring 1981
  16. Black Watch funnel

    Here is the funnel on the Black Watch, if you look closely you still see the remains of the Royal Viking bird emblem from her Royal Viking Star days. Frank
  17. Black Watch, Captains welcome party

    Here we are on the way in to the Captains welcome cocktail party, you would think that he would get bored after a while. Frank
  18. Black Watch, Rouen

    Here is a view of Rouen taken from the Black Watch Frank
  19. Black Watch, Rouen

    Here we are taking a cruise onboard the Black Watch (Ex - Royal Viking Star) my old ship. It certainly felt strange when I first went onboard after all this time (36 years). Cheers Frank.
1-20 of 66 Results