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    Sea trials- Kockums built for Blandford Shipping Fred Dessen & Co London ----17,75knots obteined in trials
  2. Blandford

    The British turbine tanker Blandford Built by Kockums Mek. Verkstad, Malmoe, Sweden. Owner Blandford Shipping Co. ltd. London. Delivered, April 9, 1962 Length oa. 213,20 m. Length b.pp. 202,69 m. Beam, moulded 29,57 m. Depth, moulded 15,01 m. Draft 11,21 m. Dead-weight, tons 41.750...
  3. Blandford

    The ''Blandford'' anchored at the Nore on what looks to have the makings of a rough day. Built by Kockums in 1962 she was 42,080 dwt. In 1970 she was renamed ''Aries'', 1973 ''Linda I'', 1974 ''Viac'' and in 1979 she was broken up at Kaohsiung.
  4. Blandford

    The "Blandford" at Palermo.
  5. Blandford

    The "Blandford" berthing at Palermo. Ship in foreground is "Kazimah".
1-5 of 5 Results