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    BLIKUR, Tórshavn, Faroe Island. 1956: Built at Ottensener Eisenwerft A-G, Hamburg. 1963: Lost by Greenland.

    BLIKUR, Tórshavn. At Polar Oil in Føroyingahavnuni summer 1959.
  3. Blikur in Tórshavn

    Blikur -here at the eastern pier in Tórshavn - is the traditional name of the cargo-ship, serving the route between Faeroes and the mainland Europe. But it is no longer registrerd in Tórshavn, but in Limasoll. 17.02.2010
  4. blikur

  5. blikur

    east shetland
  6. Tórshavn 1962

    Part of the harbour in 1962 on a day wiht whale hunting (in the foreground). Behind: Víkingur, Blikur and a british trawler.
  7. Blikur, Tórshavn

    There have been a long series of 'Blikur' cargo ships sailing between Denmark and Faeroes for the 'Skipafelagid'. I think the first arrived in 1956 or so. Today is a containership. Think this one is nr 3. Built in Søviknes 1963. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  8. Blikur

    Faroese Pallet Carrier Blikur. Now Nordvåg.
  9. Blikur

    Blikur at the slipway at Skála in the late 60-ties/early 70-ties for lenghtening. The new section is standing on the slipway.
  10. BLIKUR, touch on Tinganes

    In the dark tonight, 19. dec. 2008 at 17 hr, M/S Blikur ran ashore in the harbour of Torshavn. Came with speed in between the piers but was unable to stop, she ended on Tinganes. Came off again 2 hours later with the help of rescueship BRIMIL and the local tug PRESSARIN. No great damage visible.
  11. BLIKUR

    BLIKUR at the pier in Tórshavn, Faroe Island november 1965
  12. Blikur - Faroe Ship

    Blikur recently sold by Faroe Ship(Eimskip of Iceland parent Company)
  13. Blikur

    The Faroese m/v Blikur,62,3m/894gt, completed 10/1965 by Soviknes Verft, Sovik, Norway, for P/F Skipafelagid Foroyar, Thorshavn, Faroe Islands; 1971 lenghtened to 70,8m/1.101gt; 1974 Marine Packer, Marine Atlantic Inc.,St.John, NB, Canada;1992 Admiral I, Belize; 1994 Admiral One, St. Vincent...
  14. blikur

    leaving scrabster

1-15 of 15 Results