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blue funnel line

  1. Blue Funnel Line

    Blue Funnel Line

  2. Another Blue Flue

    Another Blue Flue

    Circe was built for Ocean SSCo for Singapore feeder services, along with her sister ship Medusa(II) Circe Built: 1912 Taikoo Dockyard and E Co, Hong Kong Tonnage: 778grt Owners: Ocean SSCo 1925: Transferred to Straits SSCo--same name 1939: Taken over by British Admiralty, r/n HMS Circe 1942: Transfe
  3. Big Blue Flue

    Big Blue Flue

    This little number with the big blue flue is Blue Funnel's 'Xanthus', used as an oil separation barge on the Mersey. Xanthus Built: 1927 Cammell Laird and Co, Birkenhead Tonnage: 213grt Owners: Alfred Holt and Co, but transferred to Ocean SSCo 1959: Sold to T.Routledge, Seaforth, r/n Crosby Dale--ta
  4. Blue Flu

    Blue Flu

    taken at seattle