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  1. Another Blue Flue

    Circe was built for Ocean SSCo for Singapore feeder services, along with her sister ship Medusa(II) Circe Built: 1912 Taikoo Dockyard and E Co, Hong Kong Tonnage: 778grt Owners: Ocean SSCo 1925: Transferred to Straits SSCo--same name 1939: Taken over by British Admiralty, r/n HMS Circe...
  2. Big Blue Flue

    This little number with the big blue flue is Blue Funnel's 'Xanthus', used as an oil separation barge on the Mersey. Xanthus Built: 1927 Cammell Laird and Co, Birkenhead Tonnage: 213grt Owners: Alfred Holt and Co, but transferred to Ocean SSCo 1959: Sold to T.Routledge, Seaforth, r/n Crosby...
  3. Blue Flu

    taken at seattle
1-4 of 4 Results