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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Looking for old colleagues, friends, shipmates, Aigburth Arms drinking buddies!!! The name is John Seymour. Was at Aulis and Riversdale from ‘72 to ‘76. First Trip was on M.V. Mano, starting in Liverpool on November 23rd 1972. Later served on Fian, Glenlyon, Troilus, Autolycus, Falaba, Priam and...
  2. Anchises

    Here is anther photo of the Blue Funnel line ship the Anchises as discussed in an earlier thread. Frank
  3. Anchises

    Here is the Blue Funnel line ship the Anchises as discussed in an earlier thread.
  4. LAERTES (1)

    Laertes of 1879, GRT 2097, 1894 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1901 reverted to British flag, 1903 sold to Hong Kong owners.
  5. ALCINOUS (1952)

    ALCINOUS (1952) IMO 5281520 1952 completed by Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd., Newcastle 7.535GRT, 9.320tdw, 6.970bhp 2SA 7Cy. Kincaid/B&W, 16kn 1952 br. ALCINOUS 1960 ned. POLYDORUS (Ned. Stoomvaart Maatschappij "Oceaan") 1976 POLYDORUS (Elder Dempster Lines) 1977 MATINA 1978 broken up...

    NESTOR IMO 7360136 1977 completed by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St.Nazaire for Odyssey Trading Co.Ltd. (Ocean Transport & Trading/Blue Funnel Line) 78.915GRT, 78.400tdw, 122.255m³, 34.000shp 2 steam turbines geared to sc. shaft, 19.75kn Built for the intended LNG trade from Indonesia...

    LYCAON IMO 5215052 1954 completed by Vickers-Armstrongs, Newcastle for Nederlandsche Stoomvaart Maatschappij "Oceaan" N.V., Amsterdam 7.572GRT, 9.280tdw, 7.000bhp 2SA 7Cy. Kincaid/B&W, 16kn 1978 broken up Kaohsiung

    EUMAEUS IMO 1943 completed by Bethlehem-Fairfield, Baltimore, Maryland 1943 laucnhed as SIMON B.ELLIOT 1943 SAMNESSE 1947 EUMAEUS (Blue Funnel Line) 1952 GLENSHIEL (Glen Line) 1957 EURYADES 1961 lib. MARINE BOUNTY 1966 wrecked Hasiesham, China, broken in two parts.

    TROILUS IMO 1943 completed by Bethlehem-Fairfield, Baltimore 7.287GRT, 10.650tdw, T3Cy. General Machinery Corporation, Hamilton, Ontario, 11kn 1943 launched as MARTHA C.THOMAS 1943 completed as SAMHARLE 1947 br. TROILUS (Blue Funnel Line) 1958 lib. GREEN RIVER 1963 broken up Osaka...

    DEMODOCUS IMO 5088473 1955 completed by Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd., Newcastle for Ocean Steamship Co.Ltd., Managers Alfred Holt & Co., Liverpool 7.590GRT, 9.140tdw, 8.000bhp 2SA 6Cy. Harland&Wolff/B&W, 16kn 1970 br. GLENROY 1973 som. HUNGSIA 1979 chin. HONG QI 137
  11. Blue Funnel - Ixion.

    Quote from Alfred Holt: 'Keep my funnels tall and blue...and look after my China men'. The tall blue funnel of the s.s. Ixion, homeward bound from Australia.
  12. Antilochus

    Unsure of which vessel this is. Anyone any ideas? Update : Have been assured by people in the know that this is in fact the Antilochus. This fits in as to why I took the shot, from the focsle of the Centaur, as I had sailed on Antilochus earlier in the year.
  13. Antilochus

    Classic Bluey lines. She is outbound from UK, just sailing from Port Swettenham for Singapore. Shot taken from focsle of Centaur.
  14. Barber Memnon - Overhauling the gear

    Overhauling the gear - trans Pacific, on board the Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, when on the BBS round the world Eastbound service.
  15. Memnon

    The Blue Funnel ship, Memnon, en route U.S. to Brazil, with 4 high containers on deck.
  16. Barber Memnon

    The Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, fully loaded en route Yoko to Los Angeles, when on the Barber Blue Sea round the world service.
  17. Sydney Harbour Bridge from Walsh Bay.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge, photo taken from the Blue Funnel ship Ixion, berthed at a pier in Walsh Bay. I believe there are luxury apartments on these wharves now, in place of the dockside cargo sheds.
  18. Glenalmond, Royal Docks, London

    Glen Line ship Glenalmond berthed in The Royal Docks , London. Sailed on this one as a Middy in 1968 and later in 1977 as 2nd. Mate after she had changed her name to Patroclus, and was under the Dutch flag.
  19. London sunset as seen from Glenalmond

    Sunset at the Royal Docks, London, as seen from the Glen Line ship Glenalmond.
1-19 of 206 Results