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  1. Blue Star

    A Blue Star vessel alongside loading cargo. Small Oil painting on a 10in x 8in panel. Tony Westmore
  2. Blue Star

    Blue Star

    CANBERRA STAR IMO 5059965 1956 completed by Bremer Vulkan A.G., Bremen-Vegesack for Salient Shipping Company, Hamilton, Bermuda 8.398GRT, 12.150tdw, 11.250bhp 2SA 10Cy. Bremer Vulkan/MAN, 17.5kn Sister ships: HOBART STAR, NEWCASTLE STAR, 1972 renamed BUENOS AIRES STAR 1979 broken up Kaohsiung

    CALIFORNIA STAR 1938 completed by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen for Union Cold Storage Company Ltd., Blue Star Line managers 8.300GRT, 9.700tdw, oil engine 2SA 6Cy. Burmeister + Wain 2 sister ships: CANADIAN STAR, COLUMBIA STAR (1939) 1943 torpedoed and sunk by German U.515 when N.W. of the A

    ULSTER STAR IMO 5372599 1959 completed by Harland + Wolff Ltd., Belfast for Blue Star Line Ltd., London 10.175GRT, 11.582tdw, 10.000bhp 2SA 6Cy. Harland + Wolff/B+W, 17kn 1979 broken up Kaohsiung

    ADELAIDE STAR IMO 5002455 1950 completed by John Brown + Co. Ltd., Clydebank for Blue Star Line Ltd, London 12.964GRT, 14.078tdw, 14.700bhp 2 oil engines 2SA 6Cy. Doxford, twin screws,16.5kn 1975 broken up Masan, S.Korea

    SCOTTISH STAR IMO 5315890 1950 completed by Fairfield Shipbuilding + Engineering Co. Ltd., Glasgow for Scottish Star Ltd., London (Managers Blue Star Line) 10.174GRT, 12.540tdw, 11.600bhp 2 oil engines 2SA 5Cy. Doxford driving twin screws, 15.5kn Sister ship: ENGLISH STAR 1967 trapped in the Grea
  8. Blue Star Line

    Possibly Nelson Star at Gravesend

    Blue Star ex San Pedro ex China built in 1938 by Krupp Panama flag. Converted in 1958 in Bulk Carrier. ( I send photo of ship then I was on board as Oiler or Fireman or Wiper )
  10. Wellington Star

    Wellington Star outbound from Auckland...
  11. Blue Star 1

    As seen in Piraeus in summer of 2010 from the stern of the Navigator of the Seas
  12. Saxon Star

    Saxon Star, photographed at Southampton on the 26 July 1984. With the formation of BHLR ( Blue Star, Houlder, Lamport & Holt, Royal Mail) container service to South America, Blue Star had not the tonnage of it's own to put on the service. This vessel was chartered to fill the gap. She was later ch
  13. Wellington Star

    Photo taken in Royal Albert Dock in 68. BI's Kenya berthed behind.
  14. Ulster Star

    Morning Gentlemen!! Anyone who can advise the correct name of this Blue Star ship, gets a biscuit with his tea!!
  15. Melbourne Star

    Blue Stars' Melbourne Star resting light in the Royal Docks.
  16. Halifax Star and Ulster Star

    Halifax Star and Ulster Star in the somewhat empty Royal Docks...
  17. Halifax Star

    Blue Star Line, Halifax Star at Southampton...late seventies
  18. Arandora Star

    Photograph from Imperial War Display at Duxford, relating to Polish Airmen and their part in the Battle of Britain. Arandora Star photographed in June 1940 evacuating Polish aircrew from France; the caption says almost 2000 aircrew men saved. At the onset of World War II, the Arandora Star was refi
1-20 of 49 Results