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  1. Destroyer BLYSKAWICA

    The Polish destroyer BLYSKAWICA seen here as a museums ship in the Basin No.1, Port of Gdynia, moored to the Southern Pier. She is the oldest preserved destroyer worldwide. I've listed the vessel in Navies of the World, because Blyskawica still has an enlisted crew and commander, performing...
  2. Blyskawica

    Model room aboard the preserved Polish naval vessel at Gdynia
  3. Zawisza Czarny

    Gdynia Port during winter. Zawisza Czarny in front, Blyskawica behind.
  4. ORP Blyskawica

    ORP Blyskawica in Gdynia Harbour, Museum
  5. ORP Blyskawica

    Bridge and radar station, Virtuti Militari
  6. Virtuti Militari

    Blyskawica Virtuti Militari
  7. Monument

    Monument with names of destroyers which took part in II World War combat. Gdynia - Skwer Kosciuszki
1-8 of 8 Results