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    Ex Purple Victory off Blyth, Northumberland 6 November 1985. The larger Sir Percivale was supposed to beach but didn`t.
  2. Morgenster, Oosterschelde, Maybe entering Blyth, 2016

    Morgenster, Oosterschelde, Maybe entering Blyth, 2016
  3. Blyth Harbour

    Blyth harbour with lifeboat in foreground and Cala Polente.
  4. Cala Ponente

    Cala Ponente at Blyth, April 2010
  5. Hillsider & Seasider

    Tugs Hillsider & Seasider on River Blyth, 1960's
  6. Four-master, Blyth

    I have neither the name nor date, but it is definitely at Blyth
  7. Silver Sand (ex Kielder)

    Silver Sand (ex Kielder) still in Blyth but she belongs to Capri Shipping, Italian owner. She has sailed from Blyth for Napoli on 06/07/2009. I took her out for my last voyage with her. We had a very good passage, lovely weather and we arrived to Napoli on 16/07/2009 afternoon.
  8. Moon

    On leaving Blyth anchorage on 14/01/2009 we have been watching Moon slowly going down. Rising sun gave us a very good light, for this picture. Check for details on the darker side of the moon.
  9. Blyth Lifeboat

    Sunday exercises, 11-01-2009
  10. Sunset

    Kielder on Blyth anchorage 09-01-2009
  11. Cemvale

    Cemvale - Limassol left Blyth Harbour on 09-01-2009
  12. Blyth Harbour

    Yeoman Forester in Blyth Harbour on 08-01-2009
  13. Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat in action, towing fishermans to the safe Blyth Harbour.

    Normed Bremen discharging steel at Blyth. June 2008
  15. Combi Dock 1 at Blyth, June 2008

    Combi Dock 1 at Blyth loading dismantled drag line excavator 'Ace of Spades'. Excavator shipped to New Orleans for reassembly and future use in open cast mining operations.
  16. Blyth

    The Craigmore raring to get home, from Blyth June 1977.
  17. Blyth

    The Craigmore just leaving Blyth. June 1977.
  18. SS Ballyhill

    This a photo that was taken early to mid sixties. The ship is the Kelly owned SS Ballyhill. I am unsure who actualy took the photo, as I came accross it in my late fathers collection,going left to right, we have an old salt,a Mr Cavaner, myself as a young lad of approx 10, my elder brother Philip, s
1-20 of 31 Results