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  1. Piping, engine, boilers.

    Piping, engine, boilers.

    From Rasmussen: ''Skibsmaskinlære,'' 2'nd ed. Copenhagen 1900. Subtitled: ''for the use of Mates and Masters.'' And in the preface (reprinted from 1'st ed. 1892), it is informed that the book contains all that those deck officers ought to know about the engineroom.
  2. ST Sachsenwald, Engine room, boilers

    ST Sachsenwald, Engine room, boilers

    Coal fired (obviously), built 1914. refer to other photos. History notes welcome.
  3. Aquitania, coal fired

    Aquitania, coal fired

    The stokehold of Cunard Atlantic liner Aquitania. Launched 1913, service in two wars, scrapped 1950.
  4. Aquitania, oil fired

    Aquitania, oil fired

    The Aquitania boilers converted to oil fuel.
  5. Boiler installation

    Boiler installation

    H&W yard No 317 RMS Aragon. down in the stokehold.