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  1. Bombay

  2. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Hello all, I am new to this forum, so I would like to give you a brief intro as to why I am here. My father was a soldier in the Vietnam war and fled Vietnam in 1981 on a boat along with 20-30 other refugees. He left Vietnam April/May 1981 - leaving my mum, my older brother and myself behind...
  3. Kokan Sevak

    Ferry from Bombay to Panji, (Goa).
  4. Belray

    M/S Belray took part in a lot of Convoys on the allied side during the WW2. She also took part of the evacuation of the British forces from Crete in May 1941. She was badly damaged in Bombay 14 April 1944, when a British ship (Fort Stikine) exploded at the port. All additional information is welcome
  5. Bombay Night Club 1961

    I spent over a month in the BI Club Bombay after signing off Chakrata as third mate waiting to go on leave. Met this girl who was doing an "act" in a night club and had my first really steamy romance. Can't even remember her name now but she was an Aussie girl from Brisbane.
  6. Bombay

    Marine drive 1954
1-6 of 6 Results