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  1. Histories
    Dear All, I am attempting to compile an index of all the shipping company or line war histories produced in the aftermath of the Second World War. Those that I have managed to acquire for my library over the past six months are listed below, (together with one of which I have become aware but...
  2. Last shelf with all the smaller books ... for gadgee

    Gadgee, this is the top right shelf with all the small books but none theless important and nostalgic the Ian Allen abc lot ....27 of them. There are also pamphlets and other nostalgic treasures too.
  3. Books detail

    More detail .. WW II
  4. Bookcase contents

    Detail of the books
  5. Books and treasures

    Detail of the left hand side of the bookcase
  6. Bookcase and contents

    As I asked Stephen Card to make his book collection, an art form in itself clear for us to see and envy I suppose I had better do mine... so, 6 photos of the Marine collection in my 'New' 60's Danish style secondhand bookcase. That in itself has a coincidence in that I found out that at least one
  7. observers books

    me mam chucked my collection of these out when i left home , would love to get them back
1-7 of 7 Results