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border chieftain

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  1. Border Chieftain

    Built by Smiths Dock at Middlesborough in 1962 this handsome vessel was owned by Lowland Tankers and managed by Common Bros. Of 13,017 gr tons she is seen at Middle Docks South Shields in 1972.

    Managed by Common Brothers of Newcastle, Lowland Tankers' 1962 Middlesbrough built BORDER CHIEFTAIN was photographed passing Portishead on 11th August 1969 inbound for Avonmouth Sold to A.Halcoussis in 1979 and renamed ACHILLET, she became SPIRO in 1987 before being beached at Chittagong on...
  3. Border Chieftain

    Border Chieftain sailing from Isle of Grain.
  4. Border Chieftain

    Aboard some Common Brothers ships it was jokingly said, although the engineers never seemed amused, that the house flag was two black balls in a vertical line. Those aboard the "Border Chieftain" seem to have taken this to heart as they are flying the 'house flag' at anchor - or was that a Mina...
  5. Border Chieftain

    One of the 'new' Border Boats, the "Border Chieftain" sailing from Isle of Grain.
1-5 of 5 Results