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    Thames 1982 Built 1962 for Lowland Tanker Co, Common Bros mgrs 1976 BP became mgrs. 1982 sold and renamed Gardenia B. 1985 broken up Kaohsiung

    I always liked the funnel colours of the Lowland Tanker Co and they can be seen to full advantage in this shot which I took from WAVERLEY off Grangemouth in May 1981. BORDER FALCON was built in 1961 by Smith/s Dock at Middlesbrough.
  3. Border Falcon

    Appologies for the poor quality of the picture but I still find the image of a ship in a sea of sand evocative. She was built in 1961 for the Lowland Tanker Co. Ltd. by the Smiths Dock Company of Middlesbrough (Yard No.1262).19,949 dwt and powered by a 6 cylinder Doxford type oil engine...
1-3 of 3 Results