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border pele
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  1. Border Pele

    The Border Pele , just cleared Ballylumford, with Larne harbour on the right. Probably in the late 70's.
  2. Border Pele

    The Border Pele leaving Ballylumford p.s. Larne Lough 8-1-81
  3. Border Pele

    The "Border Pele", leaving Larne Lough after discharging at Ballylumford p.s.. 8-1-81.
  4. Border Pele / GGRE

    Joined her in Port Tewfik, my predecessor had been sacked, all hush hush, nobody knew I was coming including agents etc, good ship though and I ended up with a fridge in my cabin which I duly painted Lifeboat orange to make it inconspicuous. We went down West Africa, Canaries, Port Sudan, round the
1-4 of 4 Results