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  1. Shell tanker Haustrum ?

    The bosun and others doing something to a tank. 1966.
  2. Boudreaux,Clarence J

    Clarence J. Boudreaux b. 1906 U.S. Merchant Marine World War Two Sailed as Bosun's Mate and A.B. Seaman From Baton Rouge La Known to have sailed out of New Orleans Baltimore and New York Repeated sailings S.S. Cacique (3) S.S Geo H Jones Rio Mendoza And S.S. John Worthington...
  3. Tourmaline's Bosun

    Bosun of Robertson's MV Tourmaline, came from one of the West coast islands but can't remember his name???
  4. Bosun, M/S Mathias Reith

    Here is the bosun from the M/S Mathias Reith his name was Volker Arndt, he was a good guy to work with, he was unusual for a bosun in that he wrote poetry, I have never sailed with another ship with bosun who wrote poetry. This photo was taken in 1968 Frank
  5. Bosun

    West Indies Transport's 'WITSHOAL'. Pacific Ocean Between Panama and Chili summer 1970. My brother, the bosun and myself. Fun summer for us.
  6. Bosun

    the good old days?
1-6 of 6 Results