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  1. Bounty

    Replica built for the movie starring Mel Gibson.
  2. Bounty Figurehead

    I'm not a big fan of Tall Ships but they arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia this week and I was invited to a reception aboard the sloop Providence. The replica of the Bounty, was moored close by and looked very smart. She was built in Lunenburg, just down the coast, for one of the movies.
  3. Bounty

    Bounty alongside Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
  4. Bounty

    Seen here at Greenock 13.9.2009 On a short stay A replica of the original H.M.S.Bounty Around 20% larger than original. She was in the 1962 film Mutiniy on the Bounty. I think the arrow type object to do with sounding for depth? not sure Any one know.
  5. Bounty

    At Greenock 13.9.2009 AT Greenock See my previous photo for info.
  6. Bounty

    The Bounty visited Greenock 13.9.2009 A replica of the original H.M.S.Bounty, although around 20% larger cannot confirm that. With the mod cons she has onboard, engine/generators, decent sleeping quarters etc. Under the U.S.A. Flag In for a short stay only. around £5.50 to go onboard, I was...
  7. Bounty

    Waiting to head through the Pentland Firth,6/9/09.
  8. Bligh

    House where Capt Bligh resided, located on Lambeth Road opposite the Imperial War Museum about one block towards the river.
  9. Bounty.

    American replica square rigger Bounty anchored off Helens Bay Co. Down after spending the night anchored south of the Copeland Islands. Reported to be going in to Belfast tommorow 12th. August to join the Tall Ships gathering there.
  10. bounty bf287

    think i took this shot late 70s or early 80s. george jack was skipper at the time,afterwards he built the polaris then the marina polaris.
  11. BOUNTY

  12. HMS Bounty

    Replica of HMS Bounty. Port Adelaide 1987
  13. Bounty Replica '04

    We encountered the Bounty replica in Broken Bay, while proceeding to Pit****er (Hawkesbury estuary). She was being used for a TV miniseries. On the way back a good sized swell had built up and she was rolling about 15 degrees each way, and we heard that the TV 'stars' were filming their parts...
1-14 of 14 Results