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  1. Bowcross

    Sand dredger Bowcross in the Bristol Channel, October 1998 Owner: British Dredging Aggregates Ltd Built: 1967 Tonnage Gr/ Dwt 1,006/ 1,786 L/ B/ D 59.8m/ 12.0m/ 4.3m Flag: British Ex: Chichester Cross '71
  2. Bowcross

    British Dredgings sand dredger Bowcross looking laid up at the east end of Cardiff Roath Basin in the late 1990's Built 1967 (ex Chichester Cross '71) Gross 1006 Dwt 1786 L 59.8 B 12 D 4.3 The vessel on the other side is probably Sand Tern, which I believe was sold around this time.
1-2 of 2 Results