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  1. Folding Mast

    After arriving off Chesapeake Bay, we were told to stay off the entrance, Steaming up and down. Because we were carrying LNG the Yanks were paranoid that if we were to drop anchor somebody would suicide bomb us (I kid you not). Still, it was a very pleasant couple of days, enjoying the sun and...
  2. British Trader

    A Port quarter view, again taken from my (Port) lifeboat. The tiny mainmast is obvious in this view, necessary due to an air draft restriction in Boston. Monas Passage, 23rd September 2003.
  3. British Trader

    British Trader stopped in Monas Passage, West of Puerto Rico engaging in Board of Trade Sports on the 23rd September 2003 whilst en route to Cove Point with another load of LNG from Trinidad. I took this from the Port lifeboat. Unlike other tankers, this class had a very fine bow and...
  4. Sunday Night in the Pub

    Post dinner drinks on Sunday 7th September 2003, aboard S.S. British Trader. L-R: Cargo Engineer Robert (Barry) Taylor, C/O Chris Billing, ETO Mark Mitchell, 2/E Tim Hardy, C/E David Humphrey. I can confirm that the cigars in the photo are most definitely not Cuban, and were most definitely...
  5. British Trader Bridge

    All Kongsberg made gear, and a bit different to the bridge of my previous ship, the Border Battler, which I posted yesterday. 'Working' chart table to the left, thence the X band radar, then No.1 Electronic Chart, Manoeuvring console (telegraph etc), No.2 Electronic chart, S Band Radar, Ships...
  6. Point Fortin

    Taken a couple of days later on arrival in Point Fortin, Trinidad on the 27th June 2003 with a couple of the Terminal Wijsmuller tugs pushing us alongside.
  7. British Trader

    Took this from the Bridge of the LNG carrier 'British Trader', on the 22nd June 2003 whilst heading down the ship canal from Lake Charles, Louisiana (where we discharged) down towards the Gulf of Mexico, and thence on to Point Fortin, Trinidad (to load). This ship had 4 cargo tanks, each of...
1-7 of 7 Results