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  1. Another Load Back to Sullom

    The Rannoch rolls easily in the North Atlantic, heading back to Sullom Voe to discharge another load of Schiehallion Crude. As can be seen in the foreground, this ship had docking consoles on each bridge wing, where you had local control of Both rudders, engines and thrusters, there was also...
  2. Another Load back to Sullom

    A better view up the deck and of the Bow Loading gear on the fo'c'sle. Taken about 90 miles West of Shetland, running back to Sullom Voe with approximately 600,000 barrels of Schiehallion Crude aboard. Taken 6th December 2003.
  3. Loch Rannoch Bridge

    From the other side. We'd just left Schiehallion and 3/O Karl Sandison is at the Cargo Console venting the tanks. The Duty Officer would be where he is during loading, with the Duty C/O at the other console behind him, that being the Dynamic Positioning console. Taken 6th December 2003.
  4. Loch Rannoch Bridge

    Round the back, showing the Chart table. The assorted Gizmos to the right include 2 GPS Units, AIS unit, Gyro Console and the Echo Sounder, as well as the various switches for sound signals etc. Taken 1st December 2003.
  5. Loch Rannoch Bridge

    The bridge gear on the Rannoch, all made by Kongsberg. The two screens nearest are for the Cargo Control system, and is where the Duty Officer sits during loading operations at Schiehallion. Next are both Radar Screens, and between them the conning display (Speed over ground/through water...
  6. Not as it seems

    Bit of a story to this, the chap on the left isn't in fact the Old Man, it's our Steward. The Old Man was down in the Galley assisting the Chief Cook prepare the evening meal. The reason? A bet of course! The OM was a mad Manchester City fan, and they had played a Polish team the previous...
  7. Loch Rannoch Deck

    A view along the Maindeck on the 1st November 2003 whilst loading at Schiehallion, 90 miles West of Shetland. The FPSO almost sits on top of the Continental Shelf As can be seen, the Loch Rannoch also sports a CAA approved Helipad, used for the transfer of Pilots at Sullom Voe Terminal during...
  8. Loch Rannoch and Schiehallion

    After my trip on the Trader I was sent to the Loch Rannoch, the only shuttle tanker within the BP fleet. She is the dedicated vessel for transporting Crude from the Schiehallion FPSO (a hundred odd miles West of Shetland) to Sullom Voe, where it is then discharged ashore and exported by...
1-8 of 8 Results