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bp tanker

  1. British Tweed?

    British Tweed?

    River boat ?
  2. barfun


    fancy dress competition - shame part of the telephone number is missing!
  3. b310


  4. b210


    it wasn't all work and no play!
  5. relaxing


    My gaily painted cabin aboard the British Mariner
  6. British Prospector

    British Prospector

    view of the British Prospector berthed off Genoa
  7. going ashore

    going ashore

    Heading out for a night in Ghent
  8. Beauty and the beast

    Beauty and the beast

    Going ashore in Ghent
  9. BP tankers

    BP tankers

    I think the shot is from the deck of the British Dragoon with a riverboat alongside
  10. On the poop

    On the poop

    working on the poop deck, preparing to dock
  11. arriving at Cape Town

    arriving at Cape Town

  12. British Prospector at berth

    British Prospector at berth

    Keith and Steve, ready to go ashore, where I cannot remember!
  13. British Test at Okrika

    British Test at Okrika

    I think this is the British Test at Okrika, Nigeria. I had climbed down into a dugout canoe to take some photos
  14. Going ashore

    Going ashore

    3 friends going ashore - the British Resolution or Prospector
  15. British Commerce

    British Commerce

    at Rotterdam, 1982
  16. British Tranquillity  Las Palmas

    British Tranquillity Las Palmas

  17. British Tranquillity Las Palmas

    British Tranquillity Las Palmas



    This was one of a few tankers laid up in Barry Docks in January 1977.
  19. BP Tanker berthing

    BP Tanker berthing

    BP Tanker berthing at Falmouth 1958
  20. Rotterdam Pilot

    Rotterdam Pilot

    Helicopter as used by Rotterdam Pilots. Photo taken in mid 70s